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The Generic Cleaning Products

$5-10 Cover @ the Door / Start 6:30pm / Doors 6pm

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In 1954 CIA operative, Sidney Gottlieb, a genius chemist, occultist and O.C.D. sufferer, having taken literally William Blake's metaphor of "cleansing the doors of perception," began testing a new and powerful hallucinogenic chemical synthesized from common household cleaning products. Then strangers Isao, Michael, Akiva and the Zack's were members of the first test group. While their bodies lay comatose in separate sterile rooms, the five young men met for the first time in the Realm of the Nada Brahman, where they forged a musical bond that manifested itself on the coarser plane as psychedelic free music ensemble, "The Scrubbing Bubbles." The quintet hired a small farmhouse in the Berkshires where they rehearsed relentlessly, often for weeks at a time without sleep or food. Occasionally they would travel to nearby towns on foot to play for warm meals and guitar strings. They had been living in this manner for over a decade when in 1968 Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice happened upon the group performing their magnum opus, "Smoke on the Water" on the streets of North Hampton, MA. Moved to tears he immediately had "The Scrubbing Bubbles" flown to LA, signed them to Deep Purple's label Tetragrammatron and began work on their first album, "2 Fresh, 2 Clean". However, that album would never be completed. When Rufus Myers, founder of the Clorox Corporation, saw the group's name on the marquee of Pandora's Box, a hot counter culture club on the Sunset Strip, he was deviously inspired to patent the phrase for his own use and soon after issued a cease and desist order to the still virtually unknown group. Intense legal battles ensued and under the pressure of constant recording and court dates, the members grew bitter and lost inspiration. In June of 1969, they parted ways, with no intention of ever playing together again. Phil moved into a remote cave in the Andes where he took up meditation full-time, subsisting on melted snow and the larvae of the hardy Chilean dung beetle. In the suburbs of Roswell, New Mexico, Akiva found home in a secretive commune founded by survivors of a mysterious crash landing in the late 40's. Disillusioned and in search of answers to life's deeper mysteries, the Zack's left for Tibet, where in the inner sanctum of an abandoned temple, they found a group of French ex-pats continuing "Work" on the Fourth Way path discovered several decades earlier by G. I. Gurdjieff. Michael's whereabouts during this period remain classified. In 1971, with "The Scrubbing Bubbles" missing and presumed dead, Deep Purple recorded their own chart topping version of "Smoke on the Water" giving no credit to its creators. Then on Father's Day 2019, 50 years after the group had split up, all five members, for unrelated reasons, found themselves in Cambridge, MA at the 1369 Coffee House in Inman Sq. Unable to ignore the stunning synchronicity of their meeting, Isao, Michael, Akiva and the Zack's once again resolved to make music together, this time under the moniker "The Generic Cleaning Products." They set out at once in search of a space to rehearse, which they found just a few doors over at performance venue, The Lilypad, where they were able to bribe the bartender on duty with revelations of various bits of the arcane knowledge the men had gathered during their travels. This Sunday the "The Generic Cleaning Products" will be back at the Lilypad putting on their first concert in half a century. Seating is limited, come early!

Isao: Guitar
Akiva: Bass
Michael: Drums/Percussion
Zack D: Trumpet
Zack F: Guitar, vocals, misc.

Earlier Event: July 5