Booking FAQ

When can I load in for my show?

Please load in at the beginning of your rental time and not before. Thanks!

What should I put as my 'Start Time'?

'Start Time' is when you expect the music to start.

We recommend having at least 30 minutes between load in and the 'Start Time' to minimize stress for musicians, guests and staff.

Whst is the capacity of the Lilypad?

For a standing show our capacity is 80.

For a seated show our capacity is 60 which includes some standing room.

If you'd like to sell tickets in advance we recommend undersell slightly and then make some tickets available at the door.

Should I bring someone to do the door?

Yes, please! Since you've rented the room all the money from the cover goes to you.

Let us know if you're having trouble finding someone, we have a team of volunteers that may be able to help!

Will there be someone to do sound?

Yup! Every show is staffed by a bartender/sound-person.

What back line equipment do you have and can I use it?

All our equipment is available for use and is listed HERE

Will you hang a poster for my show in your window?

Sure! Please drop off or mail two copies to:

The Lilypad
1353 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Do I need to promote my show?

Defintely! We will post your event to our website and our bi-weekly calendar. Please promote your show!

If you need help, we have a promotion guide HERE.

And don't forget to add us as a co-host of your Facebook event!

Do you have a table I can use for merch?

Sure, we have several folding tables. They ain’t pretty so bring a tablecloth if you’d like.

Do you have an auxilary cable I can use to play music from my phone/laptop/device?

Yup, we got you covered!

When do I have to be done by?

Please be loaded out by the end of your rental time.