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Aydin Esen Trio

$10 Cover @ the Door / Start 8pm / Doors 7:30pm

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 In the works of Aydın Esen, we are confronted with no less than a pathbreaking investigation of a new aesthetic form, one which identifies the full range of human intellectual and emotional activity as the seedbed of musical art. The process draws matter ceaselessly toward a turbulent,  compacted core, yet the voyage ends in creation, not destruction. Falling nutrients are reconstituted in wondrous ways and sprayed out into the universe as music, our kind’s most extraordinary and unbounded aesthetic legacy. Problems plaguing composition from Monteverdi and Rameau, through Wagner and Debussy, found courageous challengers, each interrogating and endeavouring to solve these problems at the highest level in a manner befitting their unique personas. The process grew considerably more aggressive and complex with the coming of modernity, an age of peculiar triumphs, catastrophes and humiliations.  Webern assaulted these problems. Schoenberg and later, Boulez dealt with them. Luigi Nono dealt with these problems and today, actually since the early 70's from the conservatory years, Aydın Esen, through a lifetime of relentless exploration, has offered his own sophisticated non-formulative but extreme-moment-to-moment-precise music that belongs-to-no-system or groups may just be right at the edge of the precise arriving point with an huge step in musical history, the new re-defined movement;  re-definition of everything.. Remembering some interviews with him dating back almost 20 years, saying things like 'constantly cleaning up the mess of the masters' and stuff like that, urging us to re- think.. Therefore,  itis arguebly far beyond the new complexity of Ferneyhough's. Start with the Reactants or Antinomy.

Aydin Esen - piano

Rakalam Bob Moses - drums

Bruno Raberg - bass

plus very special guests

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