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Semi-Unplugged: Sam Talmadge + Stace Brandt + Siv Disa

$10 Cover @ the Door / Start 7:30pm / Doors 7pm

Three lyrically-minded songwriters take to the stage to bring you an evening of captivating independent music

Sam Talmadge


Sam Talmadge is a songwriter, fingerpicker, and occasional piano player living in Boston Massachusetts. Drawing from the guitar styles of John Hurt and Elizabeth Cotten, the compositional rigor of L.V. Beethoven, and the lyricism and narrative of a long list of writers, Sam has fused these influences together into a new kind of song; compact, sincere, and at times, hilarious. The subject matter in Sam's songwriting ranges from unrequited love to fairy tales of climate change denial to the cathartic release of vomiting on a Sunday morning. In addition to writing and performing solo in Boston and along the east coast, Sam is a co-founder of the Boston based folk-quartet Ruthless Moon and the guitarist in the new rock band, DOGART.

Stace Brandt


Stace Brandt has listened for a long time, ear to the ground, constantly searching for what makes a song tick. After years of writing, collaborating,  and playing live to shape her sound, Stace now feels like she has a voice with which to speak. Understanding that emotions are inherently at odds, Stace’s music stays honest through its contradictions: conflict, struggle, heartbreak and ecstasy swim together, always churning. Melodically, Stace’s intuition never fails to pack a punch: soul-driven lyrics flow into R&B inflected hooks. Her guitar, minimal and percussive, provides a rhythmic backbone for smoldering vocals. Powerfully reflective and sentimental, Stace’s music wavers between intimacy and solitude, between living recklessly and intense self-reflection.

Stace Brandt (Vocals, guitar)

Forrest Pettengill (Bass, synth)

Siv Disa

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 5.22.43 PM.png

Siv Disa is a moody piano girl for the new millennium. Drawing inspiration from an array of sources spanning from The Supremes to Shostakovich, she writes songs that have been described as both emotional and experimental in their composition, with a focus on sharp-tongued lyrics. At live shows, Siv enjoys performing with her backing band under the name "Siv Disa and the Sea Divers".

Siv likens herself to a wayward migrating goose, and grew up in Illinois, North Dakota, and upstate New York. She visits an unusually high number of botanical gardens and bath houses per year, and in her spare time drinks dirty martinis while e-bidding on obscure musical instruments (ask her about her glockenspiel, no one ever does.) She currently lives, works, and plays in New York City, and is touring in celebration of her October 2018 single "Violet".