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$10 Cover @ the Door / Start 10:30pm / Doors 10pm

A cozy night of mind expansion, peace and appreciation of various sounds and expressions. Featuring the avante-garde phenomenon JINMO and supportive local Massachusetts acts.



JINMO is an artist based Japan who is known as a solo guitarist for his amazing guitar technique and very unique style of composing with high tech machines. As a guitarist, JINMO works energetically and his musical activities have not limited in Japan; USA, UK, Russia, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Belarus... he had played hundreds of concerts in other countries. On a creative spree, JINMO has released 241 solo albums to December 2017. The album "Ascension Spectacle", his major works in recent years, was selected for Arts Festival Japan 2009 by the Japan Ministry of Education. In order to expand his musical horizons, JINMO produced his stringed instrument "Jinmoid" with BassLab, Germany. Jinmoid is a seamless, completely hollow stringed instrument made of specially developed synthetic material. At Frankfurt Musik Messe 2009 in Germany, Jinmoid had unveiled and it held the audience spellbound. Contemporary Music, classic, world music, jazz, rock, techno or noise music.... It's difficult to categorize his music. JINMO is the one deserves to be called "the creator of acoustic phenomenon" who plays across a range of musical genres.



Cosmic harsh/melodic soundscapes for cerebral orgasm.