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Bald Uakari + ___highlightreel + Melissa Weikart

$10 Cover @ the Door / Start 9:30pm / Doors 9pm

Dang another wild band lost to the brain drain. Boston is famous for this heartache tho... radical musicians (or radical musicians in the making) come to town, meet each other, get busy and birth a new band into Bostons bosom only to graduate (or drop the fuck out) and go their separate ways. Like I said it’s not uncommon but it still hurts for the die hard locals who are left yearning to fill the void left by the rad band. In this case the rad band is Bald Uakari, the school is Berklee and the void is exciting, experimental improvised “music” that rejects all genre confines. It’s all jazz to us tho. That’s why we let them program their own norse funeral party here, setting the place on fire, pushing it off the shore and watching it burn. The Uakari will burn one last time with psycholectrio ______highlightreel and way far-out on us pop song steez of Melissa Weikart. Come say bye to the ugly monkey and maybe conceive of the next baboon to fill the void with one of the other bananas at the show.

Bald Uakari





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