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Calum Graham + Peter Ciluzzi + Antoine Dufour

$15 Cover @ the Door / Start 8pm / Doors 7:30pm

Candyrat Records Presents Calum Graham, Peter Ciluzzi and Antoine Dufour. The Candyrat Records label represents more than thirty musicians from ten countries and features some of the finest instrumental guitar-based music from around the world.

Calum Graham


“...the most promising young guitarist I’ve seen. His command of the guitar is already really impressive!” - Andy McKee

At just 23, Calum Graham has already enjoyed a career that would be the envy of most artists double his age.  The Alberta-based guitarist and singer/songwriter has released four acclaimed albums, won major national music competitions, performed at the Olympic Games in both Vancouver and London, racked up some phenomenal views on YouTube, and was most recently named one of the top 30 guitarists in the world under 30 by Acoustic Guitar Magazine. As young as he is, it’s unquestionable that Calum Graham has enough talent to revolutionize how audiences appreciate music.

Peter Ciluzzi


“Luthier and player, with sublime beauty and taste…Ciluzzi and his guitar sound like one.” - Minor 7th

“A truly gifted guitarist but foremost a first-class composer and musician.” - Bridge Guitar

Guitarist Peter Ciluzzi’s music transports listeners on a journey through virtuosic, evocative compositions that tell a story without words. His acclaimed solo instrumental work has accumulated millions of views on YouTube and more than 6 million plays on Spotify. He was a finalist in the 2007 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition and has performed alongside renowned guitarists such as Gareth Pearson, Ian Ethan Case, and Ewan Dobson. His works released on Candyrat Records include his debut album “Music Without Words”, and the 2016 follow-up album “Still Without Words”. Also a guitar maker, his work has been displayed at a number of exhibitions including the Montreal Guitar Show, and are used by Ciluzzi in his live performances.

Antoine Dufour

26951910_1504154456299644_1803287123502779185_o copy_web.jpg

"Mind Blowing" - The Guitar Journal

"The rise of this virtuoso—whom many, myself included, see as the true heir to the Michael Hedges mantle—has been rather meteoric." - Mark Tucker - Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

Montreal, Canada based guitarist Antoine Dufour is known colloquially among the best guitar players in the world as a musician’s musician. To fans of popular music, he deftly combines jaw-dropping guitar playing skills and an artistic soul in crafting instrumental compositions that reflect ambient and progressive music that transcends global cultures and languages. That he does this in an incredibly visual and entertaining style has endeared him to a broad spectrum of fans of popular music.