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Florie Namir, special guest opening Simona Minns

$12 Cover @ the Door / Start 7:30pm / Doors 7pm

Florie Namir


"elegance, style and grace and a jazz club ambiance earmark Florie's performance style."

–Rudy Barajas, MMAS

Tel Aviv born original jazz-pop artist, Florie Namir, writes infectious pop songs and is easily one of Boston's top emerging talents. After exclusively focusing on classical works, Florie resume songwriting documenting personal experiences as an immigrant in the US.  Doctor in music, Florie is also a seasoned performer, who's variety of projects include Russian opera, Eastern European folk and Jewish and Israeli music.

Simona Minns


Simona Minns is a Lithuanian born jazz vocalist, composer and performance artist based in Boston MA. Her style is known for its unique theatrical flavor, genre-bending, and virtuosic vocal scat improvisation. Her latest work, “A Hunger Artist," blends Lithuanian folk, modern dance, vaudeville, grotesque theater and rock to convey the narrative of Franz Kafka's short story by the same title.