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The Creative Music Series Presents...Joe Morris & Tomas Fujiwara

$15 Cover @ the Door ($10 Students) / Start 8pm / Doors 7:30pm

The Creative Music Series Presents

The Friday the 13thCreative Concert:

Improvisational, Rhythmic, Sophisticated


Rare Appearances

The return of a great one back to Boston, a New England legend:

 Guitarist, Composer, Educator: Joe Morris


“If Ornette Coleman were Jim Hall, he would be Joe Morris.";  "… he sounds like no one else.";  "One of the most profound improvisers at work in the U.S." The Wire

"… a guitarist whosesound is completely his own, oscillating between deadpan sweetness and dangerous, shrapnel-like caprice."  Down Beat.

Joe Morris was born in New Haven, Connecticut on September 13, 1955. At the age of 12 he took lessons on the trumpet for one year. He started on guitar in 1969 at the age of 14. He played his first professional gig later that year. With the exception of a few lessons he is self-taught. The influence of Jimi Hendrix and other guitarists of that period led him to concentrate on learning to play the blues. Soon thereafter his sister gave him a copy of John Coltrane's OM, which inspired him to learn about Jazz and New Music. From age 15 to 17 he attended The Unschool, a student-run alternative high school near the campus of Yale University in downtown New Haven. Taking advantage of the open learning style of the school he spent most of his time day and night playing music with other students, listening to ethnic folk, blues, jazz, and classical music on record at the public library and attending the various concerts and recitals on the Yale campus. He worked to establish his own voice on guitar in a free jazz context from the age of 17. Drawing on the influence of Coltrane, Miles Davis, Cecil Taylor,Thelonius Monk, Ornette Coleman as well as the AACM, BAG, and the many European improvisers of the '70s. Later he would draw influence from traditional West African string music, Messian, Ives, Eric Dolphy, Jimmy Lyons, Steve McCall and Fred Hopkins. After high school he performed in rock bands, rehearsed in jazz bands and played totally improvised music with friends until 1975 when he moved to Boston.

Joined in Duet

Also returning to Boston, now a ubiquitous presence in the New York (and world) scene…an artist whose urbane writing is equal to his impressively nuanced creations:

Drummer, Composer, Educator: Tomas Fujiwara


“Its music that sounds as unpredictable as it does inevitable. That's just the magic of drummer Tomas Fujiwara'swork...It's daring music that leaves no doubt as to the veracity surrounding Fujiwara's place in the pantheon of left-leaning explorers leading the charge today.” All About Jazz, his Triple Double 20l17 release.

The New York Times: “Drummer Tomas Fujiwara works with rhythm as a pliable substance, solid but ever shifting. His style is forward-driving but rarely blunt or aggressive, and never random. He has a way of spreading out the center of a pulse while setting up a rigorous scaffolding of restraint...A conception of the drum set as a full-canvas instrument, almost orchestral in its scope.” 

Tomas Fujiwara is a Brooklyn-based drummer and composer. Described as “a ubiquitous presence in the New York scene…an artist whose urbane writing is equal to his impressively nuanced drumming” (Troy Collins, Point of Departure), Tomas is an active player in some of the most exciting music of the current generation, with his bands Triple Double (with Gerald Cleaver, Mary Halvorson, Brandon Seabrook, Ralph Alessi, and Taylor Ho Bynum), Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up (with Jonathan Finlayson, Brian Settles, Halvorson, and Michael Formanek) and The Tomas Fujiwara Trio (with Alessi and Seabrook); his collaborative duo with cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum; the collective trio Thumbscrew (with Halvorson and Formanek); and a diversity of creative sideman work with forward thinking peers like Tomeka Reid and Matana Roberts.


The Creative Music Series in recognition of THE WE HAVE VOICE collective—Women in Jazz and other artistic expressions—shall encourage safe(r) workplaces in the performing arts – zero tolerance for harassment of any kind!  URL:

TheCreative Music Series(CMS) was established in 1/ 2015, to showcase the work of adventurous jazz musicians from out-of-state, presenting them in intimate venues in the Cambridge/Somerville area.  My endeavor was a reaction to the apparent lack of invitations being extended to accomplished, new talent and even unknown musicians to the Boston area.  CMS has now begun to zero in on Boston based musicians who are creating their own projects with these out-of-town guests, andtaking these musical risks to find an expression and gain a wider appreciation.

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