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Kath Bloom + Request Freebird + Gracious Calamity

$10 Cover @ the Door / Start 7:30pm / Doors 7pm

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Kath Bloom

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"For fans of the song and how to feel it, Kath Bloom is some kind of legend. She comes from a special place where country, blues and folk are made beautifully translucent and emotive. She has a special gift, her voice is delicate and tender, yet retains that raw emotion and hard worn truths that allows each sung word to be felt.

The more you hear of Kath Bloom, the more you notice its not just the arresting voice, but the power of the songwriting. Beautiful is the typical response, the kind of beauty that comes from truth, musical and the deeply lyrical. There are no good comparisons, but if you like the deep well of Emmylou Harris, the more poignant lyrics of Lou Reed, the joy of Maher Shalal Hash Baz or even Joni Mitchell, you're kinda in the right zone. In reality, shes simply Kath Bloom: horse whisperer, vocalist, mum, songwriter and a beautiful person.

Her albums recorded with Loren Mazzacane Connors in the 70s/80s are rare things, full of songs that float and melt into the ether. Impossibly beautiful and hard to find on LP, but check the reissues from a few years ago . In the 90s Kath's music was famously featured in Richard Linklaters film Before Sunrise. Since then she has been busy writing and recording to great acclaim. Two new albums in the last few years and she and her songs where also honoured on a tribute album featuring Bill Callahan, Scout Niblett and Mark Kozelek." - Brown Paper Tickets

Request Freebird

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“noah britton, is autistic, hilarious, and generally a bad-ass with a heart the size – unpredictability and frightening velocity – of an exploding planet." - Amanda Palmer

Formerly ACLU Benefit.

Gracious Calamity

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The female Simon and Garfunkel, local heroes back for a rare Boston-area performance.