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Chris Corsano & Paul Flaherty w/ special guest tK

$12 Cover @ the Door ($10 Advance) / Start 10:30pm / Doors 10pm


Avant-garde ambient noise and free jazz improv by experienced musicians and performers.

Saxophonist Paul Flaherty and drummer Chris Corsano are New England-based musicians dedicated to the promise and purpose of free improvisation. Paul has released over 35 recordings since the late 70's, while Chris first appeared on record in 1997 (see discography). For the past 8 years, the two have operated together in duo format as well as in collaborations with some of the finest freedom thinkers around such as C. Spencer Yeh (aka Burning Star Core), Nmperign's Greg Kelly, Thurston Moore and Jim O'Rourke of Sonic Youth, Tony Conrad, Matt Heyner of Test and the No Neck Blues Band, Daniel Carter, Christina Carter and Heather Murray of Charalambides/Scorces, Wally Shoup, and Steve Swell. Together, Flaherty & Corsano seek to champion the cause of total free improvisation, an often misunderstood, underestimated, and sometimes even hated artform.

tK (Zedek, Kapplow, Milstein)


tK (est. 2018) consists of Thalia Zedek (guitar, clarinet) and Phil Milstein (loops, banging,) who were bandmates in Uzi in the 1980s, along with conceptual artist Heather Kapplow (electronic pling-plong, vocals.) They weave together field recordings and spontaneous improvisations, exploring the extremes of dynamic range: subsonic rumblings, the hum of fluorescent lightbulbs, detuned bat calls, and shrieking electric guitar feedback. tK also maintains a manifesto and a touring visual art gallery.