Gill Aharon, Founder & Owner

Photo by Daniel Sarver

Photo by Daniel Sarver

Gill Aharon is the composer and pianist of the Gill Aharon Trio, as well as the founder of The Lilypad performance and event space, and a piano teacher for adults and children. Aharon holds a BSE in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University and has studied piano extensively under Charlie Banacos. Prior to running The Lilypad, Aharon served as a board member for the Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge and prior to that he founded and ran Fishlung Studio in Charlestown.

Since moving to the Boston area In 1993, Gill has been very lucky to have been encouraged by some great musicians like Ran Blake, George Garzone, Nat Mugavero, Carlos Campos, and others, especially those who have played in his band (Blake Newman, Chris Burleson, Filipe Salles, Dave “the knife” Fabris, Andrew DiMola, Dave Caniglio, Alec Spiegelman, Kelly Roberge, Rick Stone, Eric Hofbauer, and currently Andrew Stern, Jeffrey Charland, Randall Wooten, Mike Connors) to devote his life to music and the Lilypad.

His love of teaching piano probably comes from a seeming need to be helpful and to offer unsolicited advice. Piano lessons have always been a central part of his life starting from age 4 until about 40 with only a few breaks peppered through that time.

He strives to live a balanced and sustainable life with his wife Caroline and two children, Beatrice and Arthur, and to contribute to the community of the Cambridge/Somerville/Boston area by encouraging and supporting original art/music by providing a space for live performance. He and his family live upstairs in the same building as The Lilypad.