Josh Sarro, Event Coordinator & Sound Engineer


Josh lucked upon the Lilypad while working a few doors down at 1369 Coffee House (the old 1369 Jazz Club). He'd often wander in after a long day of slinging joe to wind down and enjoy the sounds du jour. No matter the style, jazz, chamber, surf, punk or psychedelic, it was all Music and he fell in love. When a spot opened up behind the bar, Josh was all too eager to slip into the position and has been manning the post proudly ever since. Besides facilitating performances at The Lilypad, Josh plays music himself under the moniker Zack Facco. He writes songs, sings, improvises and plays guitar and bass in various projects. You can also occasionally find him playing with a motley crew of free musicians right here at The Lilypad. For more information visit or email to join his mailing list.